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If you ever thought about starting your own self serve pet wash business or self serve dog wash then this is the resource for you. 

  • Ever think about starting a self serve dog wash?
  • Ever wonder about starting a pet grooming or pet wash business? 
  • Have you thought about opening a self serve pet wash on your existing car wash property? 

Homescore, LLC has compiled years of research and thousands of dollars into a comprehensive guide for running a self serve dog wash business.

The pet care industry is growing every year by the millions.  Our self serve dog wash ebook can assist you in starting a self serve pet wash business from start to finish.  You can spend thousands of dollarsgathering this information on your own and months of time or, for one payment of $9.99, you can assemble the parts you need to move forward tomorrow with your dream of starting a pet wash business.

After purchase, the materials are delivered immediatelyto your email in the form of a PDF document.  The business plan and building documents can be re-purposed anyway you like.  Included is a comprehensive business plan with projections on the self serve dog wash industry, resource information, contact info for key vendors in the pet wash industry and more tools. 

  • Comprehensive business plan specific to starting a self serve dog wash (which was approved by a local bank for financing in excess of $50,000)
  • Detailed materials list with cost estimates for the pet wash
  • Sample press release when you are ready to open the doors to your new pet wash business
  • And the best of all..Detailed architectural drawings designed by a board certified architect

Open your pet wash in months, not years!

If you already own a car wash this information is critical to increasing your revenue from your existing properties.  Imagine drawing a new crowd of customers who typically arrive by car to wash their pets!

It is important to realize all the information contained needs to be thoroughly checked out for usage by you local building inspector and city planners.  Make sure you can build prior to investing too much effort in this project.  It helps to identify a property that you can use or lease cheaply.  This business is designed to fit into a parking stall!

Perhaps you could approach a local grocery store about leasing a couple of stalls for your business?  A self serve dog wash draws traffic to them and vice-versa. 

Think outside the wash too.  Consider adding vending machines for human treats and animal treats.  Maybe put in a bulletin board to allow others to advertise their pet related services.  

Are you concerned about the maintenance of your self serve dog wash?  You should be.  They do need regular cleaning and attention to avoid negative customer experiences.  Perhaps a local high schooler could be hired to clean the stall out weekly?  But then again, maybe you like visiting your business!  Consider installing an internet connection, security cameras and a timed lock system. 

What questions will the bank ask about running a dog wash business?  What questions will the newspaper ask when they come to write a story about your unique business?  How much does the vending equipment and materials cost?

Let’s be honest this dog wash business opportunity is not enough to retire on.  It is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a legitimate business that requires serious consideration, planning and execution to be successful.  BUT…it can and is being done all around the country, the self serve dog wash industry is growing!

So if you are already thinking about it, now is the time to ACT!  How are you going to feel if a pet wash opens up next year in your town?  

Don’t hesitate.  Act.

Visit this link to purchase the dog wash business ebook and receive the 28 page PDF document.


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Good luck in your new business!

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